Petsville Cattery and Kennels - Luxury Private Hotel for Cats, Dogs and Small Pets

The Cattery

The Cattery at Petsville is HIGH CLASS, purpose built accommodation to our own design.

Housed in a large, secure, indoor chalet with adjoining sun roofed patio, your cat will enjoy individual attention in a safe environment, whilst you enjoy your holiday.

Your cat will relax in a cosy, heated bedroom and can soak up the sun on her own sun shelf, keeping her claws trim on the scratching/climbing post.

The whole cattery is fully glazed in winter, converting the patios into individual sun lounges for year round comfort.

In cold weather additional heat by radiators makes Petsville ideal all year round.

Families Of Cats

Our accommodation is ideal for more than one cat from the same house. Cats from the same house usually prefer to stay together. It is however your choice and we are happy to be guided by your own knowledge of your pets in all circumstances.

The Cats' Garden

Your cat will thoroughly enjoy the cats' garden, entered directly from the main cattery and 100% escape proof. The cats' garden allows your pet freedom in absolute safety amongst specially chosen plants such as Catmint, which cats adore. She will climb and explore to her hearts content.

Loving Care

Your cat will enjoy our understanding, cuddles and kind words. We give your pets all our love because we just can't help it!


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